medical detectives

Medical Detectives

Watch videos from the show that inspired CSI.

Watch: A Special Test Confirms Doctor's Worst Fear

Watch: Really, There's Only One Show Like This

more stuff, more problems

More Stuff, More Problems

Sundays 10|9c

Watch chronic hoarders deal with their messes or suffer the consequences.

Gallery: House Makeovers

Quiz: Are You A Hoarder or Just Messy?

take a trip to the er

Take a Trip to the ER

Videos of ER Visits

From bizarre to shocking see what activities can result in a trip to the ER.

Watch: Man Jumps from 5th Floor

Watch: Construction Worker Falls 30 Feet

object of an obsession

Object of an Obsession

Thursdays @ 10 & 10:30|9 & 9:30c

A look at the motivation and psychology of stalkers through chilling first-person stories.

Watch: Tips for Stalking Victims

Watch: Profiles of Stalkers

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Mystery Diagnosis

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The Man with the 132-lb Scrotum

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