a look inside the disease

A Look Inside the Disease

A Deadly Outbreak in Africa

Learn about the Ebola virus--who is at risk, how is it spread, what is the government doing and more.

Quiz: Test your knowledge of the Ebola virus

Read: Dr. Nicole Jasper from Untold Stories of the ER Talks Ebola Threat

life & death situations

Life & Death Situations

Thrilling stories from the ER

Experience the fast-paced and exciting world of ER doctors

Watch: What to expect on Saturday nights

Watch: Videos from Sydney ER

go between the sheets

Go Between the Sheets

A Sextember to Remember

Sextember may be over but you don't have to stop exploring the unconventional relationships, bizarre practices and mysterious sexual health conditions of others!

Read: Sex Ed Teaching Tools From Around the World

Watch: 100 Orgasms A Day

more stuff, more problems

More Stuff, More Problems

Sundays 8PM to 11PM

Watch chronic hoarders deal with their messes or suffer the consequences.

Gallery: House Makeovers

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Trauma - Life in the ER

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Trauma - Life in the ER

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Kinky or Not?

Kinky or Not?

Kink is subjective. Here are ten sex-related activities for you to rank. Kinky or Not? You be the judge.

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