go between the sheets

Go Between the Sheets

Weeknights in September @ 10|9c

Get a sneak peek behind bedroom doors to explore unconventional relationships, bizarre practices and mysterious sexual health conditions!

Watch: Check the Sextember TV Schedule

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having sex can be dangerous

Having Sex Can Be Dangerous

Fridays 10|9c

Romantic fun can lead to an unromantic visit to the ER

Play: Sex Injury Quiz

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more stuff, more problems

More Stuff, More Problems

Sundays 10|9c

Watch chronic hoarders deal with their messes or suffer the consequences.

Gallery: House Makeovers

Quiz: Are You A Hoarder or Just Messy?

inspiring and emotional real-life stories

Inspiring and Emotional Real-life Stories

An inside look at the steps people have taken to transform their lives and the results.

Gallery: Plastic Surgery Changes Lives of Victims of Accidents & Crimes

Gallery: Celebrities Who've Won the Weight Struggle

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A Baby Story

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Sydney ER

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Trauma - Life in the ER

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