justin bieber look-alike

Justin Bieber Look-Alike

Thursday @ 10|9c

Addicts include a 33-year-old man who’s spent over $100,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber and a 22-year-old woman who’s addicted to eating makeup.

Watch: Addicted to Bieber

Gallery: See the Faces of Addiction

guys gone wild

Guys Gone Wild

Friday @ 10|9c

A bachelor party gets a little too wild and the bachelor ends up in the ER with a tale to tell. Meanwhile, a man crashes his priceless car into a garbage truck and is trapped.

Gallery: Season 2 Photos

Q&A: Hear the Docs' Best Stories

home horror story

Home Horror Story

Saturday @ 10|9c

When Frank asked his girlfriend Susan to move in, he wasn't expecting her to fill his house with clutter. Will they stay together?

Gallery: House Makeovers

Quiz: Are You A Hoarder or Just Messy?

get moving

Get Moving

Why Workouts Are Worthwhile

Use the lovely spring weather as an excuse to jump-start a fitness routine. Follow our simple ways to stay active.

Top 7: Big Benefits of Exercise

How-To's: Be Healthy on the Go

taking control

Taking Control

Sunday @ 9|8c

Chuck weighs almost 700 pounds. Because of his weight, he’s had to downsize his business and his wife is ready to leave him. Can Chuck take control and reclaim the life that’s slipping through his fingers?

Gallery: Chuck's Journey

Watch: Where Are They Now?

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