Kristina Wandzilak

About Kristina Wandzilak

Kristina Wandzilak, a former addict, helps others end their addictions.

Kristina Wandzilak, C.A.S, BRI-II, is an interventionist and the Executive Director and founder of Full Circle Intervention. She co-authored the nationally acclaimed memoir, The Lost Years, with her mother Constance Curry. The book is a story of family loss, healing and transformation. Learn more about it on The Lost Years website.

Kristina grew up in an affluent Bay area neighborhood and had her first drink at age 13. At age 15, she began a serious addiction to methamphetamines and other drugs. Her parents tried everything to help, contain, and save her, including putting her in three treatment centers. After escaping from the last center, Kristina was 18, her mother made the loving decision to let her daughter go, saying, "You are not welcome in my home or life until you are living a life of recovery and if I never see you alive again, please know how much you are loved." At this point, Kristina descended into the depths of despair and ended up on the streets, turning to prostitution, burglarizing homes, and digging in dumpsters to pay for her drug habit. After nearly dying on the floor of a homeless shelter, she finally cleaned up at age 21 and successfully completed 6 months in treatment. Kristina has been sober since, celebrating 16 years of sobriety September 4, committing the rest of her life to helping others struggling with addiction. Kristina completed her education and training and founded Full Circle Intervention, with the vision of bringing respectful and effective systemic intervention to families in crisis, nationally and internationally.

Kristina has a very successful intervention business called Full Circle Intervention. On average, she takes on one new case per week, amidst follow-ups on existing cases, meetings, emergency calls and interventions. Her work includes dealing with chemical addiction, alcohol addiction, treatment guidance and placement, depression, family intervention, corporate intervention, crisis work, food addiction, internet and gambling addiction, and sex and pornography addiction, just to name a few. Kristina has a team of skilled interventionists that bring Full Circle Interventions across the US and Europe.

In an average day, Kristina may talk an addict down off a ledge, be the confidant for a father's mental breakdown, coach a family through discovering their co-dependency issues, help an alcoholic check-in to a treatment center, and make it home to help the kids with their homework and make dinner...all in a day's work. She has a unique "no surprises" approach towards intervention very different from most, which has proven successful time and again.

Kristina has two adorable young kids, Savannah and Sebastian. They live just outside of San Francisco, close to Kristina's mother and family. Kristina is very close to her mother now, and they wrote a best-selling book together about Kristina's addiction called The Lost Years. It is now being made into a film. Every moment Kristina isn't saving lives or traveling the country on her book tour, she's at home giving baths, helping with homework, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner. Because her work is so intense, Kristina relies on her family to bring her peace, and makes sure they play twice as hard as they work. From family outings around San Francisco to big family cook-outs with all of Kristina's brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, and her mom, she makes sure to counter-balance the seriousness of her job by having fun at home. The high-stress of her work does affect her family, the kids have a lot of questions about what Mommy does, and Kristina does her best to answer them as honestly and educationally as possible. But she still maintains that her job and life experiences help her to be a better mom.



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