Kevin, 26

Kevin was addicted to alcohol and marijuana.

ADDICTION: Alcohol, Marijuana

Kevin is a 26-year-old alcoholic who has alienated his friends and family with his downward spiral of drinking. In addition to his alcoholism, Kevin is also a diabetic, making his addiction all the more dangerous.

Where Are They Now?

Kevin is currently living in a sober living facility in San Rafael. He is also looking into volunteering. He's not only working on his amends, but has become close to his family again. He is continuously going to AA meetings and has a sponsor.

Update from Kevin:

"I am doing OK today. I attend 12 step meetings, I have a sponsor, we are working the steps, and I am living in a sober living facility. I had a short relapse after I left Mayflower and the reunion. Everybody told me that my aftercare plans were terrible. Kristina told me that my aftercare plan sucked, but I didn't listen. I was stubborn and wanted to do it my way. I relapsed. It wasn't a long relapse and after having enough, I called Kristina for help.

Kristina asked me, 'What did you learn from your relapse?'

What I learned is that the disease never gets better, only worse. In a matter of days I was right back where I started. I landed back in the hospital, because I was so intoxicated and was coming down and I felt I needed more alcohol and I could not stop. The hospital was the only place I thought could help. From there, I talked to Kristina and she laid out the plan, I would go to sober living, attend 12 steps meetings, get a sponsor and follow her direction. I did. Now I am enjoying a clear head, and I feel really good about my life and where I am headed.

My relationship with my family has gotten stronger, we have better communication. I have not earned the key back to my parents' house but I know that will come in time. My siblings seem hopeful and are very supportive of me and my sobriety.

I am doing good now. I am really honored that The Mayflower has asked me back to talk at the alumni group, to share my story. Even though I had a minor set back, they are willing to have me back to share my story and I am proud of that and grateful.

To all those who might be addicted:

If you are addicted always remember there are more people on your side than you think. And there is hope. Hope starts with a clear mind, it makes more sense being sober than loaded all the time. Life gets better when sober."

- Kevin



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