Ask Dr. G

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions! Here are some of the questions submitted and Dr. G's answers.

Q: Ever since I saw you for the first time in early 2007 or late 2006, I've wanted to be like you. How do I become a medical examiner? I'm only ten and I love your show. Thanks. Colleen.

A: Colleen, It is a very high compliment that you would like to be like me. Thank you.

To become a medical examiner you first have to go to college. Most people study biology or chemistry, but it does not really matter what you major in as long as you take all the requirements needed for medical school. After four years of medical school you will need to do a residency in pathology. This involves training at an accredited program and learning how to do autopsies and diagnose diseases using the microscope. You also learn how to run a laboratory. After that you will get a fellowship (more specialized training) in forensic pathology where you will learn to determine how people die suddenly and unexpectedly.

Even if you don't become a medical examiner, I hope you find a job you are passionate about and always care about others.

Q: Hello! My name is Mindy and I have to say—I love watching your show. It's great what you do, and I have a few questions for you in regards to your job ...

The first question is: how can you work around bodies all day long? Does the smell bother you?

The other question is: do you ever get freaked out by what you see in the morgue?

You do a wonderful job helping out the investigators. If you could please respond, I would appreciate it. Mindy.

A: Hi, Mindy. I am glad you like the show. I like my job so working around dead bodies all day long does not bother me. It makes me appreciate that I am alive. I do not even notice the smell as long as it is my case and I am concentrating. Sometimes I will walk into the morgue when someone else is working and I notice the bad smells, but it really never bothers me.

I have been working in the morgue for about 20 years so there is not much could "freak" me out. But, I do understand that some of my accident victims and decomposed bodies could be disturbing to many people.

Q: Hi, my name is Angelica. I'm 14 years old and because of your show I want to become a pathologist. I was just wondering if you have ever been grossed out or so disgusted by a case, that you couldn't perform the autopsy?

A: Hi Angelica. I have never been so disgusted by a case that I couldn't perform an autopsy. I don't like living things (like beetles and bugs, etc.) coming out of skeletonized bodies though.

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