My Mom is Obsessed Exclusive: Q&A With the Moms and Daughters

Tamara and Alizabeth talking with a therapist about Tamara's weight obsession.

Get an inside look at how the mothers and daughters of My Mom is Obsessed are doing now. Find out what it was like to be on the show and how their relationships have grown since.

Tamara and Alizabeth

Q: What was the most difficult part of the show?

Tamara: The most difficult part of the show for me was giving up my scale, facing the fact that I have a problem and letting go.

Q: How has your relationship changed after the show?

Tamara: My relationship with Alizabeth has gotten so much better. I do not feel that we would be in the place we are now if it were not for the show.

Alizabeth: My mom and me are finally getting our relationship back to what it used to be.

Q: How are you dealing with your obsession?

Tamara: I am dealing with my obsession ONE DAY AT A TIME! I have signed up for the MOVE program at the VA Hospital in Long Beach. I will be going through eight weeks of intense therapy to help me understand my problem even better.

Q: Describe how the show has impacted your life.

Tamara: The show has impacted my life by helping me to realize the things that I was doing to my daughter. It let us work though those things to create a happier and healthier relationship.

Alizabeth: I see a whole different person in my mom now. I see her fight with herself every day to make sure that she keeps herself under control. Every day is a new day for her - and not all of them are good - but I can see that she is trying, and that is what matters to me.

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