My Mom is Obsessed Exclusive: Q&A With the Moms and Daughters

Cheryl and Rachel

Cheryl (left) and Rachel rollerblading.

Q: What was the most difficult part of the show?

Cheryl: The most difficult part of the show was seeing how much Rachel was reaching out, and I never noticed. She was really hurting, and that just broke my heart. She is an amazing young lady that I feel very blessed to have.

Q: How has your relationship changed since the show?

Cheryl: After the show, we were more in-tune to each other. Rachel and I have grown closer.

Rachel: After the show, my relationship with my mother changed a whole lot. While she still goes to the gym, she manages to make time for us to spend together which is all I wanted.

Q: How are you dealing with your obsession?

Cheryl: I never felt like I had a obsession! I would rather call it my passion. I try to get to the gym before the kids are up every day. I have not been visiting the gym as much in the evening hours when we have family time.

Rachel: My mom's obsession with body-building is now under control. I believe that she had to be shown what the actual effects were on our family which then made her realize the true effects of her obsession.

Q: Are you glad you went through this process?

Cheryl: As a family, we really enjoyed participating in the show. We had our highs and lows...and some amazing memorable times. It definitely brought Rachel and I together.

Rachel: I honestly couldn't be happier that I took part in this process. It allowed my family to grow, and it also taught us the importance of communication.

Q: Any other updates?

Cheryl: I am six weeks into my training for a competition again. I'm trying to get to the gym during non-family times. I am also being more aware of my moods when is going to get harder as I get close to my show date.

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