About Pregnant Behind Bars

Latoya makes a phone call while at Cook County Jail.

In one of the country’s largest jails, Cook County’s pregnant detainees are housed together under one roof in Division 17 while they await their trial. In DFH's show Pregnant Behind Bars, we follow some of the inmates who are riding the roller coaster of being pregnant while in prison.

Thirty-one-year-old detainee, Jamie, a mother of four, has not seen her children since her incarceration a month ago and is desperate for a contact visit. However, she must first pass a parenting class to be granted the privilege.

Incarcerated for the first time, Victoria , 26, is shocked when she learns upon intake that she is pregnant with her first child and ponders how this will affect her future.

Inmate Tanya, 29, finds that being a part of Division 17 has changed her attitude toward parenting. In hopes to reconnect with her 8-year-old daughter and better prepare for the birth of her son, she requests furlough house arrest which will allow her to spend nights at home.

Latoya is a recovering addict, alcoholic and prostitute, whose been arrested for selling sex on multiple occasions. This time the stakes are much higher: She’s 7-months pregnant and facing a 5-year sentence. She’ll very likely have to put her baby up for adoption.

Inmate Aaliyah is 2-months pregnant and incarcerated for attending a dogfight. After the immature 20-year-old has a meltdown during treatment, the staff begins to worry she could be on the path to becoming a repeat offender.

Meanwhile, outside of Cook County, former detainee Korynn goes into labor nearly two weeks early. The ex-inmate hopes the lessons learned in Division 17 will result in her being a better mother.

Watch these women struggle and succeed starting August 22 @ 10/9c.

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