About Secret Sex Lives: Swingers

Some of the cast from Secret Sex Lives: Swingers

According to Swinger Social Network, swingers account for 2-4 percent of married couples—estimating numbers in excess of 2 million people in North America. These couples are average adults—some are professionals, parents and caretakers—in committed relationships who together make the consensual decision to swing for recreational purposes.

Delving into this mysterious and daring lifestyle, Secret Sex Lives: Swingers follows four typical American couples—leading busy lives and juggling marriage, children and careers. But behind closed doors, these husbands and wives share one surprising thing in common—they lead double lives as swingers.

Set in Atlanta, Georgia, a bustling, traditional Southern city that is also home to a lively swinger scene, this program will explore the complex nuances of the relationships and psychology behind this way of life. Swinging couples struggle with how they choose to keep their lifestyle hidden from family, friends and co-workers. Illustrating the importance of strong communication and solid relationships, these couples are proud of how “normal” and functioning they are in a society that shuns their lifestyle.

Secret Sex Lives: Swingers captures the deep internal struggles these couples confront—and the repercussions of exposing their lives to family, close friends and the outside world, busting myths and dispelling misconceptions about this hidden lifestyle along the way.

Secret Sex Lives: Swingers will air on Discovery Fit&Health on Saturday, September 7 @ 10/9c

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